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Jill Wigmore-Welsh MSc
Clinical and Training Director of Healthcentered Ltd.

Hello and welcome,

My business is your health. Since 1977 when I qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist from The Royal London Hospital, I have worked constantly to explore new horizons. My classic 'Physio' background taught me joint manipulation using Cyriax Manipulation, Maitland Mobilization and classic Orthopaedic rehabilitation . Between 1980 and 1999 I travelled with some of the top athletes in the world, alongside our British Judo and Rowing squads as team Physiotherapist. I worked at Commonwealth Games, World Championships, at national and elite level. from the athletes I learned focus and goal setting. My complementary therapy skills include a training in Acupuncture where I learned about the balance of chi,and a wonderful flowing movement enhancing four year Feldenkrais Practitioner Training with Carl Ginsburg, Chava Shelav, Miriam Pfeffer and Garet Newell. Where I learned to unlearn deep rooted somatic movement habits, and release old emotions. More work with Larry Goldfarb and his trilogy explained the how and why of Feldenkrais, flow, and physiology. From my NLP Master Practitioner, and my studies with Richard Bandler among others, I've learned about state control and modelling. My Reiki Master/Teacher healer abilities perhaps explain my warm hands, and from February 2004 I become the first UK certified Ruthy Alon Bones for Life Trainer. Aa a pioneer in the UK it is my challenge to bring this work to a wider community. It will be fun.

My philosophy is Ken Wilbur, Clare Graves, Spiral Dynamics, holonic thinking.  My MSc is in Health Promotion with a dissertation reviewing perception of change after training. Somatic Intelligence and somatic symptoms are my curiosity. My world blends therapeutic and life coaching capacities. For me, and for you health is more than sickness and disease. its happiness and satisfaction and living to do what you want. My mission is to bring that skill back to the community through health promoting courses, linking therapists to people through a search facility, providing healthy crystals for their beauty and healing.

Health is in the workplace, in the kitchen cupboard, within family relationships.

Health is in a smile.

                                 Jill xx